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Lazarus Flynn Dossier

  • Age: 35

  • Marital status: Single

  • Born Pittsburgh, PA. Mother Nellie still alive. Father deceased.

  • 6'4", 240 pounds.

  • Current occupation: private investigator. Business address: 301-2 Flatiron Building, Pittsburgh,PA.

  • Drives eight-cylinder, twin ignition 1929 Nash Roadster Fast with fists. Expert marksman.

  • High school dropout. Fought under Pershing in the battle of Belleau Woods. Honorable discharge. Purple Heart.

  • Has worked as broncobuster, stevedore, prize fighter and longshoreman. Outstanding arrest warrants in Hong Kong, Singapore and Morocco.

  • Prefers opera over jazz, chess over checkers, pie over cake and his mother's Mulligan stew over a sirloin.

  • Does not dance.

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